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Retractag 3.0®

Retractag 3.0®

Get yourself a brand new TAG system and discover why there’s so many on the road.
Sectional Tarp and new “TAG LOCK®” interior locking device.  The easiest system to maintain whit the highest tarp tension on the market.

  • Safer for the driver
  • Automatically seals the cargo
  • Easy maintenance
  • Completely modular
  • Apply high tension without effort

Sliding system

  •   Skate can be disassembled
  •   Delrin®  3″ conic shape wheel ®
  • ■  Delrin® insert in the rail
  •   Delrin® to Delrin® roll, works in all weather conditions.


  •  Sectional Tarp
  •  Automatically seals the cargo
  •   New arch design to better retain the tarp
  •  More tension and less wear on the tarp